The Cross Over.

The experience of a cross over.

Leaving my body makes me shake like thunder in the skies ,as though I’m called out on a soulful mission. Where I watch only & not able to intervene as others go by.

I’ve seen & walked thru others dreams & their night terrors, being not always my own. As we drift in and out of the lives we have created and have called it our home.

I noticed , some doors are shut, while others are open . As I wander aimlessly in the fog to find you, and bring you here to safely .

Please do put your request in when you cross over from this living veil to a more spirited soul. For the ride home in itself is a worthy transition.

Few people that you have encountered in your life upon your journey here on Earth . Will you remember, till we all meet again.

Please , do ask God for travel wings on your souls flighted way, knowing this, that our souls journey never ends.


This and That

Along each day the roads i travel through the minds. They extend outwardly in open fields .

Dreams over lay into reality. Always managing among the chaos to find the lining of shimmering joy .

Much for darkness i often use, Though i take walking in the shadows as a welcoming measure.

Among someones dispare, i can watch with out being seen . In their shadowy dream.

Perhaps in my thinking i can leave glimmering flower petals & leaves from fallen stems

There they can find the beauty in their darkness & dispare.  Not once, but many have fallen there.

Carefully placed with love that floats thru the air. If only they will catch a fainting glimps from ones cornered eyes.

I’ve prepare a happy snare, as i lay in the shadowy darkness.            Subtle ,gentle & calm. They eventually come two by two & singled one.

Scattered often in sorrow or grief. Like a ghost i usher them with a soft mindful hug . No one is alone a feeling being barren without a home.

To Climb inside ones shell. I guess is their safety. Yet i pass thru their silent time , with notions that perhaps come to their minds.

Dream walking in the shadows of their mind . A bit of this & that. Often scattered emotional turmoil where feelings aren’t understood.

I know where you go. As i walk through your shadowy groves.


Thoughts Outloud

cropped-13319641-a-background-image-with-some-nice-step-stones-at-the-bottom-13736952264626619666.-4.jpgStill into the mesh of writtings. The journey has begun yet am not reaching out to people. Not lost ,just hidden somewhere in a darkened spot on Word press. At least ,it’s a good place to store my publishings.

Am still new to all this internet android mobile phone jargon.I’ve seem to fallen between some seedless crack on the internet. Just a few thoughts in this moment.

The story stops briefly. Resuming another time & place. I’ve not failed in the least. There is no wrong or right way. My own mind glitch on how to understand the web.

The old fashioned ways, still stuck in my thought process . I need to keep climbing up this imaginary internet hill . Not making any sense of it in the least.

So for now its4 time to put away the internet pages. Save what i have & move to a sound proof area.  Time for a new journey & different dreams to unfold.

The writer’s life keeps moving on.

Stubbie the Smart Squirrel.

A morning ago, i opened my curtain to watch stubbie the squirrel . He was clinging to my screen on the other window. So up close & personal . There he was , just chattering away , as if we were in this heated conversation over what he so desired to order from my window.  So i proceeded to gently open the window, not to startle him .

I talked slowly to him. Precise in my intentions . Stubbie is no ordinary squirrel. Always hungry & curious.  The neighbor feeds him to much bread or pizza i think . So today he wanted something else. Perhaps he had a sweet tooth? I’ll find out.

Next he jumps on other neighbors porch ever so patiently waiting for his treats . I believe we understand each other. Hmmm i ask would you like a nice red apple? Thinking he will reply back.  Sure as snow is white , he chatters away, so i line up 1 red apple 🍎, a few pistachios nuts, a few squash seeds, & a piece of marble cake.

He looked it all over. Couldn’t decide what to take first.  I watched as he sampled a piece of everything on the window sill. He first picked marble cake. Ate a few bites . Surprising he placed in down back on the dish. Next he bites into the red apple 🍎 , tasting the sweetness, he actually doesn’t like the skin. Spits it out just to nibble on the ever sweet inside of the apple.

Of coarse he must try 2 more ingredients. Grasps in his paws are a squash seeds ; one in each paw for a split moment. He devoured them; like a child in the cookie jar. Last but not least was something he has never had, so it seemed. He looked in wonder at these nuts. He knew, it seemed this must be something special.

He is a smart one. Spoiled as well. He runs away with 2 in his mouth . As i watch he runs up the tree & drops them in the Y of the tree. Comes back gathers a few squash seeds to place in the Y of the tree as well. Back & forth till the nuts & seeds are gone from the small saucers. After they are all up in the tree. He slowly comes back to the sill to finish off the small piece of marble cake.

After he has eaten he drinks some warm distilled water. For a second i thought i caught him out the corner of my eye , wash his paws. Strainger things always happen when i friend the neighborhood wild critters. Perhaps it’s our own secret . He acts like he’s a perfect  little gentelman around me.

That’s the story of stubbie on this particular morning . Watching in wonder . A simple act of kindness in the cold winter weather. Shows him that some people can be trusted when your hungry & thirsty.


One Winter’s Night

T’was upon a winter’s night.

As she gazed out her window, where only few ever see. Just how the sparkling snow – bedazzled her thoughts , to create the magic unseen.

Not a moment to late, she wrote down a ode. With a tune in her pocket ,  she whispered; she  owned.

Just notes on a paper of glimmering thoughts . Of how she remebered when her son was a tot.

There’s magic in nature ,among chaos & joy . Her bedazzled thoughts. For it  T’was upon a winter’s night.





Up hill climb

Each day is an up hill climp. This body of mine that causes, a bone crushing pain & then my legs don’t work again.

Often i stop & words just don’t flow .My painted picture of words as i go.

The struggles & turmoil , oh, the phases in speech. This up hill climb, i might never reach.

Often i stop & words just don’t flow. My painted picture of words as i go.

Days turns nights & then , back again. I fear for the worst . My good loyal friend.

So i stop & so you might feel. These painted pictures, i paint .  Are ever so real.

This Up hill climb , It’s worded,  quite well. I’ve hidden the pain , can you honestly tell?





Minds Flow on Open

Metaphysical quantum’s , are hidden the Keys . Don’t push, it will come, with practice & ease.

An intuitive collaboration; of a continual Force. Unity of divine intervention ,a supreme energy source.

In the akashic records are written the words , in volumes of books ,most never have heard.

Peaceful the Warriors, caregivers of the sun. Calling out to the pieces -one by one.

Versions and volumes are by the score. Many of us are here , many more don’t know.

We’re all called to some higher plane . Some won’t hear, some won’t see and some will fear.

Dig deep the dream, so that you may feel. Now Open your mind because this is real.

Peaceful Warriors ,caregivers of the sun . Calling out to the pieces – one by one.